OHJA Banquet

Vicki was looking as strong and beautiful as ever at the OHJA Banquet last weekend. We are very fortunate to have such a fun and hard working group of people which was reflected in the awards. Vicki received the Senior Sportsmanship award, Martha Brooks received Mother of the year and Jim Nosen received Father of year. Congratulations to Brook McLeod and Xquisite on Reserve Champion in the 1.15-1.20 Open Jumpers and 5th in the Modified Jr/AO Jumpers, Esquire and Lisa Talbot Roberts on Reserve Champion in both the Long Stirrup Equitation and Hunters, Salsa Cat and Kim McKie on 6th in the Long Stirrup Hunters,Essensia and Wren Zimmerman on 4th in the .85-.90 jumpers, Sencond Chance nd Cece Roberts on 6th in the .85-.90 Jumpers, Alberetto Wonderland and Kim McKie on Reserve Champion in the 1.15-1.20m Jumpers and 4th in the High AA Jumpers and 3rd in the Mod Jr/AO Jumpers. We want to send a big congratulations to all the horses and riders who competed this last show season and good luck in the upcoming year!

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